Installed Recycled Asphalt, 350' driveway located in Twin Lake.
Commercial Parking Lot Grade for Gerref Industries in Belding.
Installed a Mini Barn Foundation for a Custom Amish-Made Mast Mini Barn located in Howard City.
We donated our time to install donated material from Yellow Rose Transport for the West Michigan Society for Industrial Heritage's Pullman Railcar for the disabled.
Patty in Comstock Park - You are amazing!  It looks fantastic!!!!!

Jack in Alto - I am very happy with the work you did.

Dave in Cannonsburg/Hotwater Dr - Thank you Jim and Amy for fixing our driveway!  It is refreshing seeing someone take a passion and work as hard as I do at my job.

Linda in Galesburg - Wow.  The driveway is beautiful!!!!  I absolutely LOVE how it looks.  You did a fantastic job and the results exceed my expectations.  Thank you so much!

Anthony in South Haven - Driveway looks great!

Derek in Rockford - Home Improvement Blog:  http://wolvenhouseproject.blogspot.com/2014/11/new-driveway.html
We love the driveway and when you need a testimonial you let me know!

Rita and Len in North Muskegon - Our NEW driveway is the Bomb!  Thank you Jim!  Len and I couldn't be happier!!!

Dave in Rockford - Hi Jim, Just want to say thanks for the fine work you did on the driveway, we are very pleased with the results.  It also pleases me to employ someone who will take time out of his day to interact with children.  Keep up the good work!

Mark and Sarah from White Cloud - Jim, I just want to so thank you again for such a nice job on our driveway.  It looks great!

Steve and Nan in Spring Lake - Thank you for going above and beyond!  The yard and driveway area turned out fantastic!  Thanks again!

Peter in Belmont, installed crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop
Just wanted to write a short note of appreciation for a job well done. . .Does look like professional work, well done and it is greatly appreciated!!!

Chris in Richland, graded his 3/4 mile long gravel driveway, also graded the shoulders for proper drainage
Thank you for a great job!

Steve in Grand Haven, installed a mini barn foundation
Thanks for the great work!

Tate in Belmont http://www.cardsofwood.com, graded their business driveway
Driveway looks great and is so smooth.  Great job.  Thank you!

Brian in Muskegon, installed crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop
It looks good and we are happy with it!  Thanks and we will be sure to give your name out to anyone seeking your kind of work.

Dave in Caledonia, installed crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop
Thanks to Gravel Graders, my cars will last longer and I no longer need an ORV permit to enter my driveway!

Holly from Trufant, installed crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop
Driveway completed yesterday evening - and we love it! Thanks so much for the great work...we whole heartedly recommend Gravel Graders!!

Cindy and Kurt from Grand Haven, installed crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop on their private road
We were Very Lucky to have found you. Thank you for all you did. Yes!! We recommend!!

Lamar from Holland, installed crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop
Hi Jim, I just wanted to thank you for a great job on our driveway....it looks great.

Ty from Freeport, installed crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop
If you would like an honest and straight forward business transaction, Jim from Gravel Graders is the person to deal with. My wife and I are very satisfied with the work Jim did. He fixed all the drainage issues we had in our driveway and put down the crushed asphalt. We are no longer sweeping the mud out of our garage! And there are not any water puddles in the driveway! Exceptional work and it's affordable. You can hold on to your first born! 
Would recommend to anyone. 

-Dan from Ada
I had Gravel Graders out to give me an estimate to see what they could do to repair my 240 foot long, gravel and sand driveway. It was rutted and difficult to drive up in winter. Well the estimate was a lot less than I expected and I liked Jim's professional manner, so I hired them to work their magic on our driveway. What a difference! Even the neighbors commented on how nice the "asphalt driveway" was.  I had to tell them that it was compacted gravel. I highly recommend Gravel Graders and Jim Boeve.

-Email from Mike in Cedar Springs-
Thanks for stopping by and the kick butt estimate! Its about 1/3 of what I was thinking it would be!  The transformation was more than I had hoped for which by my standards is very hard to do. Great job again!

-Email from Tom in Grand Rapids, we installed crushed asphalt-
Hi Jim,  Just wanted to Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our new crushed asphalt driveway. We appreciate it so much. We love it. Thanks, Tom

Comment from Steve in Sand Lake via Facebook, we graded his existing gravel driveway-
A wonderful job done. Jim was there when he said he would be and did above and beyond my expectations. I am really pleased. Thanks Jim

Crushed Asphalt Gravel Driveway is holding up great, I was curious how it would perform this winter
considering your work was not done until late fall and it would not have had much
chance to continue to pack down before winter and the fall rains. No ruts and the
snow plow has not damaged the surface.
Your extra effort to grade and correct the old driveways drainage issues proved
to be worth the time. We are very pleased with the results.
Chuck L

Hey Jim - Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for my new crushed asphalt driveway. It's so much better than my wife and I expected! Even after your initial gravel grading the driveway was better than it's ever been - and I've had 'pros' do it before, but nobody did as good of a job as you guys. Then when you put down the crushed asphalt - WOW - I can't believe it. Even after we had 2" of rain fall on it the night you installed it, it's still perfect. That vibrating roller is the key - it looks better than driveways that cost 3-4 times more. Now tell me how many recently installed gravel driveways - or even asphalt in this heat - that you can drive a fork lift on and lift up the back of a truck?? This crushed asphalt driveway is so freakin' cool man. Anyway - just wanted to say thanks, I'm hugely impressed and will tell everyone I know about your company!! -Mike, Alto, MI

Installed a new gravel driveway on a steep hill.
I had a new gravel driveway put in at our cabin. I contacted Jim Boeve and we worked out a time convenient to both of us. He was there the 2 days he said he would be and was right on time. The drive looks great and I am very happy with his work. Cathy, Hesperia

Jim,  I saw pictures of the gravel driveway and gravel parking area and it looks great. Thank you. Greg, Grand Haven

Thanks for the nice job today on my long gravel driveway Jim. Warren, St Joe.

You Rock!!!  My gravel driveway looks great! Pat, Wayland

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Helping others is the driving force behind Gravel Graders.  We understand that having a functional driveway is a very important part of a home.  Being able to come and go as you please can be nearly impossible when you're getting stuck in deep mud, trenches and other challenges.  Our goal with this project is to provide the repairs necessary to West Michigan families that cannot afford to upgrade their driveway.  Please help us find those families and we'll create a driveway they can be proud of!

Please, if you are able to afford the repairs to your driveway contact us, we can help you too!

Nominate friends, family or your own driveway, submit your entry via email (no calls please) with one picture, description of driveway and tell us about your situation.  
Please only gravel driveways, no asphalt or concrete driveways.  

Winners will be announced all year long, let's see how many people we can help!
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Our 2017 Winner, Jerry of Grand Rapids!  He told his Men's Bible Group that he had contacted www.gravelgraders.com and he won a free gravel upgrade.  They couldn't believe it was true.  They thought it was a scam.  God worked His magic and it worked out for Jerry!  Thanks for contacting us Jerry!
This is Amy's driveway in Kent City, her gravel driveway had drainage issues and standing water.  We corrected the issues and installed crushed concrete for a new proper functioning gravel driveway.  www.gravelgraders.com
Andy pointing out his new crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop driveway.  Congratulations Andy and Melanie, enjoy your new driveway, it was a pleasure working with you!  www.gravelgraders.com
Photo of Lori's driveway, long slope repaired with crushed concrete. www.gravelgraders.com
Steven and his wife Penny in front of their new crushed asphalt/crushed blacktop driveway!  www.gravelgraders.com
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2018 Camp Concordia of Gowen
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2015 Tim and Connie of Conklin
2014 Lori of Comstock Park
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